Coming soon, Winter 2013!

A complete self help guide to alleviate your breathing problems naturally with Buteyko Breathing Technique

“Breathe away your medication – alleviate your breathing difficulties naturally with Buteyko Breathing Technique!”

Written by Buteyko Breathing Educator Howard Tseng
Review and Edited by ENT specialist Dr. Hung Cheng Tseng


This book is a complete guide to show you how you can utilize Buteyko Breathing Technique to achieve the followings:

  • Less visit to ER for your asthma attack
  • Less visit to your doctor’s office
  • Reduction or complete elimination to your asthma medication
  • Reduction of complete elimination to snoring, and or sleep apnoea
  • Increase in your fitness level
  • Less prone to catch a cold
  • Save $$$$ from the need for braces or orthodontic work for your child
  • How to instantly unblock your nose when you have a stuffy nose, naturally
  • Improvement in your quality of life


To make sure you get a copy from the first print, send us an email titled “Breathe away your medication”, and we will contact you via email when the book is launched.