How to Unblock your Stuffy Nose in 30 Seconds with this Simple Move

We all have endured the annoyance of having a stuffy nose when we catch a cold, or when we are hit with allergy or a very cold weather. In this video I will show you how you can unblock and breathe through your nose again in 30 seconds with a very simple move.

Bare in mind, if you have a severely clogged nose, you are unlikely to fully open up your nasal passage in one try; but at least, if done properly, your will find yourself able to at least get some air through your nose again, and that alone is a day-and-night difference. To open up more, repeat this move for several times, but do allow yourself some time in between each try to calm your breathing down.

Even if you don’t have a blocked nose, this exercise will still help to dilate your nasal cavity and you will feel your breathing being easier than before.

The longer you hold your breath (after exhale!), the better the result; however, do not over do it! Do only what your body can tolerate, especially if you are pregnant, asthmatic, or have other respiratory or heart disease.

So why does this method work?

First of all, our nasal cavity helps our body filter out unwanted substance in the air, such as dirt, pollen, bacteria…etc, and also helps to regulate the air temperature and humidity that enters our lung. When we catch a cold or when our nose is irritated due to say very cold air or allergens, our nasal cavity would require a greater effort to do its job, because there’s now more unwanted substances to be filtered or a lower temperature that needs to be heat up.

During times like this, our nasal cavity swells, and as a result, there’s more resistance in the nasal cavity, means a slower air flow. Which makes perfect sense, when there’s more work to be done, you move things at a slower pace.

Under normal circumstances, you will feel being somewhat stuffy, but not completely blocked. Our body will never completely block our nose if we maintain a calm and relaxed breathing through our nose, because that would mean suicide. However, for many people, the moment they sense any resistance in nasal breathing, they quickly either try to breathe as hard as they could through the nose, thinking that with stronger air flow they can blow through and open up the nasal passage; or, they simply switch to mouth breathing.

When a person breathes heavily in circumstances like this, the message that the body receives is that there’s still large amount of “need-to-be-filtered” air traveling into the body. Hence, the body’s natural reaction (aka self-defense mechanism) is to further reduce the nasal passage, until the nasal cavity if completely clogged.

When we do this hold-breath exercise, we are essentially sending a strong message to our body, that there’s no more air moving. We are no longer breathing. The physical movement of nodding our head, shaking our body, taking a couple steps, all these will cause a rapid rise in the carbon dioxide concentration in our body. These two phenomenon combined, will force our body to react quickly (self-survival mechanism) to open up our breathing pathway (nasal cavity) for us to breathe again.

Again, once the nose is cleared, whether fully or partially, remember to keep the breathing soft and calm, as this is the key for our nose to do its job and to prevent getting a fully clogged nose again.

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