Private Lesson

* limited time only
Lesson plan can be personalized to better fit your need. You’d also have the option to postpone or alter a session date in case you have something come up.

Group Lesson

*Space Limited
Up coming sessions (Year 2018):
  • Mar 11th, 18th, 25th (10am – noon)
    @ Kerrisdale Community Centre, Vancouver
  • Apr 15th, 22nd, 29th (10am – noon)
    @ Kerrisdale Community Centre, Vancouver
  • Jun 3rd, 10th, 17th (10am – noon)
    @ Kerrisdale Community Centre, Vancouver

Take back control of your health!

Lesson Syllabus

A complete Buteyko Training course consists of 3 sessions on a weekly basis. Each session is approximately 2 hours. Syllabus listed below is for reference only, actual session content may change depending on individual condition and progress. For private session, contents may be altered to better suit your need.

  • Week 1
    • Why we snore or have sleep apnea
    • Idea Breathing
    • Diaphragm Breathing Training
    • Orofacial Exercises
    • How to unblock your nose
    • Keep upper airway open during sleep
  • Week 2
    • Breathing Training I
    • Breathing Training II
  • Week 3
    • Speaking Training
    • Breathing Training III
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