Private Session Class Syllabus (April 2013)

Session Syllabus

Buteyko Educator: Howard Tseng
Buteyko Breathing Training in greater Vancouver area in BC, Canada
(This is for reference only, actual session content may change depending on individual condition and progress. For private session, contents may be altered to better suit your need)

Week 1:
– Asthma
– How to breathe correctly: Deep breathing? Shallow breathing? Slow breathing?
– Monitor your progress: CP value
– How to unblock your nose
– Shhh! Close your mouth!

Week 2:
– Sleep Apnea and Snoring
– Cleansing Reactions
– Air Diet with reduced breathing

Week 3:
– Speaking using Buteyko
– Facial development in Children
– Air Diet

Week 4:
– Indoor exercise using Buteyko
– Nasal Irrigation
– Food

Week 5:
– Review
– Outdoor Exercise using Buteyko
– Air Diet